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2019Coaching as a leadership style and a business education modelBaldzhy, M.; Балджи, М.Д.
2019Demographic safety in the conditions of the fourth revolutionBaldzhy, M.; Балджи, М.Д.
2017Economic risks management in projects of development and environmental and economic securityBaldghi, M.; Балджи, М.Д.; Балджи, М.Д.
2019Features of Develiopment of Ecological Entrepreneurship in UkraineBaldghi, M.; Балджи, М.Д.
2020Features of formation of an investment portfolio Markovitsa on the example of automotive companiesBaldzhy, М.; Dubenchuk, M.; Балджи, М.Д.; Дубенчук, М.С.
2019Game Risk Management Methods for or Investment Portfolio OptimizationBaldzhy, M.; Балджи, М.Д.
2020Improvement of wholesale on the basis of attracting the humanocentric structure approachNosachenko, O.; Baldzhy, M.; Балджи, М.Д.; Носаченко, О.А.
2020Introduction of inclusive tourism in the Оdessa regionBaldzhy, M.; Балджи, М.Д.
2019Legislative and regulatory preconditions for geo-management of land resourcesBaldzhy, M.; Балджи, М.Д.
2018Management of economic security of enterprises based on the integrated use of resource potentialBaldzhy, M.; Балджи, М.Д.
2017Methodology of the regional environmental and economic security in the context of sustainable development regularitiesBaldzhy, M.; Балджи, М.Д.; Балджи, М.Д.
2018Mеханізм прогнозування соціо-еколого-економічної безпеки на рівні регіонуБалджи, М.Д.; Baldzhy, M.
2015New approach to financial support organization of Ukrainian enterprises' modernizationBaldghi, M.; Boiko, O.; Балджи, М.Д.; Бойко, О.С.; Балджи, М.Д.; Бойко, О.С.
2018Prospects for the development of retail networks in the Ukrainian retail sales marketBaldzhy, M.; Odnolko, V.; Балджи, М.Д.; Однолько, В.О.
2020System approach to reserve detection and evaluation in increasing competitiveness of wholesale trading enterprisesNosachenko, O.; Baldzhy, M.; Носаченко, О.А.; Балджи, М.Д.
2019The determination of the stability of the city by the construction method of integrated indicators and prognosis its developmentBaldzhy, M.; Kotova, I.; Pavlova, T.; Балджи, М.Д.; Котова, І.М.; Павлова, Т.В.
2019The Emergence of Socio-Ecological and Economic Development on the Example of the Application of the Financial Mechanism of Natural Resource ManagementБалджи, М.Д.; Котова, І.М.; Baldzhy, M.; Kotova, I.
2018The substantiation of strategic directions of development of territorial communitiesБалджи, М.Д.; Доброва, Н.В.; Baldzhy, M.; Dobrova, N.
2012Theoretical and methodological basis of regulation of complex nature usingBaldghi, M.; Балджи, М.Д.; Балджи, М.Д.
2019Theoretical bases of monitoring in the process of management of sustainable development of the enterpriseKuznetsova, I.; Baldzhy, M.; Karpenko, J.; Balabash, O.; Кузнецова, І.О.; Балджи, М.Д.; Карпенко, Ю.В.; Балабаш, О.С.