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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A promising way to dispose of fatty waste by hydrolysis and study of the conditions for immobilization of rhizopus japonicus lipase on carriersZakharchuk, V.; Захарчук, В.Г.
2015A study on features of competitive conditions of regional bankZavadska, D.; Завадська, Д.В.; Завадская, Д.В.
2019Accounting support for making management decisions to overcome and prevent the consequences of emergency situationsArtyukh, O.; Dobrunik, Т.; Murenko, T.; Артюх, О.В.; Добрунік, Т.П.; Муренко, Т.О.
2018Activation directions of banks interaction with real sector enterprises in lending to innovationsZavadska, D.; Завадська, Д.В.
2018Actual trends of wine sector in the world and the EUKozak, Y.; Козак, Ю.Г.; Kozak, Iu.
2013Agent dynamics model of economic system with limited resourcesKalashnikova, E.
2016Agent-dynamic modeling of economic systemsYakub, E.; Vasilchenko, K.; Якуб, Є.С.; Васильченко, К.Г.; Якуб, Е.С.; Васильченко, К.Г.
2016Agricultural sector of Ukraine: trends, perspectives of reforms and interaction with banks during sustainable economic growthZavadska, D.; Завадська, Д.В.; Завадская, Д.В.
2015Aktuelle Probleme der BauunternehmenKuklinova, T.; Куклінова, Т.В.; Куклинова, Т.В.; Kuklinova, T.
2015An algorythm for building regional innovation strategies in ukraine based on the systems of innovation approachBilous, О.; Білоус, О.Ю.; Белоус, Е.Ю.
2014An integrated reporting approach to communicating business valueKuzina, R.; Кузіна, Р.В.; Кузина, Р.В.
2013An interdisciplinary approach to teaching business english to economics studentsKarpova, E.; Карпова, О.О.; Карпова, Е.О.
2014An Introduction to International Economic RelationsKozak, Y.; Prytula, N.; Козак, Ю.Г.; Притула, Н.В.; Козак, Ю.Г.; Притула, Н.В.
2014An Introduction to International Economics: Questions & AnswersKozak, Y.; Voronova, E.; Ukhanova, I.; Козак, Ю.Г.; Воронова, О.В.; Уханова, І.О.; Козак, Ю.Г.; Воронова, Е.В.; Уханова, И.О.
2014Analyses of capital structure and firms’ performance in Ukraine: basic statistics and stylized factsBabalola Yisau Abiodun
2018Analysis of dynamics and efficiency of own capitalVolkova, O.; Волкова, Н.А.; Волкова, Н.А.
2018Analysis of features of migration policy in the context of globalization of the world economySukach, O.; Сукач, О.О.
2015Analysis of fundamental contradictions of efficiency the cash flow of projectsKarpov, V.; Карпов, В.А.; Карпов, В.А.
2016Analysis of incomes of non-financial corporationsMylashko, O.; Милашко, О.Г.; Мылашко, О.Г.
2014Analysis of innovative sustainability of socio-economic systemsSaiensus, M.; Саєнсус, М.А.; Саенсус, М.А.