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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007100 рокiв на нивi фiнансової наукиОгородник, С.Я.
2020A promising way to dispose of fatty waste by hydrolysis and study of the conditions for immobilization of rhizopus japonicus lipase on carriersZakharchuk, V.; Захарчук, В.Г.
2015A study on features of competitive conditions of regional bankZavadska, D.; Завадська, Д.В.; Завадская, Д.В.
2019Accounting support for making management decisions to overcome and prevent the consequences of emergency situationsArtyukh, O.; Dobrunik, Т.; Murenko, T.; Артюх, О.В.; Добрунік, Т.П.; Муренко, Т.О.
2018Activation directions of banks interaction with real sector enterprises in lending to innovationsZavadska, D.; Завадська, Д.В.
2018Actual trends of wine sector in the world and the EUKozak, Y.; Козак, Ю.Г.; Kozak, Iu.
2021Adjustment disorders in international students studying in English during a pandemicLeshchyna, I.; Asieieva, Yu.; Vasylieva, O.; Strelnikova, I.; Kovalska, N.; Лещина, І.В.; Асєєва, Ю.О.; Васильєва, О.В.; Стрельнікова, І.М.; Ковальська, Н.А.
2021Administracja i zarządzanie w funkcjonowaniu nowoczesnej gospodarki i społeczeństwa-
2013Agent dynamics model of economic system with limited resourcesKalashnikova, E.
2016Agent-dynamic modeling of economic systemsYakub, E.; Vasilchenko, K.; Якуб, Є.С.; Васильченко, К.Г.; Якуб, Е.С.; Васильченко, К.Г.
2016Agricultural sector of Ukraine: trends, perspectives of reforms and interaction with banks during sustainable economic growthZavadska, D.; Завадська, Д.В.; Завадская, Д.В.
2015Aktuelle Probleme der BauunternehmenKuklinova, T.; Куклінова, Т.В.; Куклинова, Т.В.; Kuklinova, T.
2015An algorythm for building regional innovation strategies in ukraine based on the systems of innovation approachBilous, О.; Білоус, О.Ю.; Белоус, Е.Ю.
2014An integrated reporting approach to communicating business valueKuzina, R.; Кузіна, Р.В.; Кузина, Р.В.
2013An interdisciplinary approach to teaching business english to economics studentsKarpova, E.; Карпова, О.О.; Карпова, Е.О.
2014An Introduction to International Economic RelationsKozak, Y.; Prytula, N.; Козак, Ю.Г.; Притула, Н.В.; Козак, Ю.Г.; Притула, Н.В.
2014An Introduction to International Economics: Questions & AnswersKozak, Y.; Voronova, E.; Ukhanova, I.; Козак, Ю.Г.; Воронова, О.В.; Уханова, І.О.; Козак, Ю.Г.; Воронова, Е.В.; Уханова, И.О.
2014Analyses of capital structure and firms’ performance in Ukraine: basic statistics and stylized factsBabalola Yisau Abiodun
2018Analysis of dynamics and efficiency of own capitalVolkova, O.; Волкова, Н.А.; Волкова, Н.А.
2018Analysis of features of migration policy in the context of globalization of the world economySukach, O.; Сукач, О.О.