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2015Areas of public policy in supporting the formation and the use of financial resources of householdsKotsyurubenko, A.; Iorgachova, M.; Коцюрубенко, Г.М.; Іоргачова, М.І.; Коцюрубенко, А.Н.; Иоргачёва, М.И.
2016Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions of Third Order Nonlinear Differential Equations Close to Linear OnesShinkarenko, V.; Шинкаренко, В.М.; Шинкаренко, В.Н.
2014Audit information technology of corporate income tax baseShmychkova, I.
2017Aнaліз мaркeтингoвoгo сeрeдoвищa тa рoзрoбкa рeкoмeндaцій щoдo йoгo урaхувaння в діяльнoсті підприємствa «Dals Media»Ємельянова, А.В.
2016Background of interaction mechanism formation between a bank and customersZavadska, D.; Завадська, Д.В.; Завадская, Д.В.
2018Bank credit as a source of financing innovative development of economyZavadska, D.; Завадська, Д.В.
2018Bank innovative lending system: trends of formation and directions for promoting development in UkraineZavadska, D.; Завадська, Д.В.
2015Banking business models in Ukrainian banking systemOnyshchenko, Y.; Онищенко, Ю.І.; Онищенко, Ю.И.
2015Banks in poland – the quality of servicesRudzewicz, A.
2013Barriers and possible ways of developing rural tourism in Odessa region of UkrainePetrychenko, P.; Петриченко, П.А.; Петриченко, П.А.
2014Bestimmumg der signifikanz von bestandteilen sozialer umgebung, die die effizienz des arbeitsvervaltens des personals beeinflussenNikiforenko, V.; Никифоренко, В.Г.; Никифоренко, В.Г.; Nikiforenko, V.
2014Branding regionali marine Resorts dell'UcrainaNezdoyminov, S.; Нездоймінов, С.Г.; Нездойминов, С.Г.
2017Central bank crisis measures to overcome the financial crisisKovalenko, V.; Коваленко, В.В.; Коваленко, В.В.
2016Central bank’s discount rate: European Union Experience and Prospects for UkraineSheludko, S.; Шелудько, С.А.; Шелудько, С.А.
2015Challenges of innovation commercialization in the activities of higher education institutes and scientific establishments in UkraineRomanadze, L.; Романадзе, Л.Д.; Романадзе, Л.Д.
2013Child as target audience of commercialsMichalak, J.; Kozłowski, W.
2015Client-Oriented Approach: Forming the System of Management of the Bank Relations with ClientsZavadska, D.; Завадська, Д.В.; Завадская, Д.В.
2018Cluster analysis of reputation risk level of Ukrainian banksKuznetsova, L.; Кузнєцова, Л.В.
2018Clustering in the formation of a creative economy: European vectors, Visegrad Four, UkraineKozak, Y.; Козак, Ю.Г.
2019Competitiveness of banks as a subsidiaries of economic activity in the modern conditions of development of financial marketKovalenko, V.; Sheludko, S.; Garkusha, J.