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Title: Reflection of individual typological properties in the tremorogram (Predicting the indicators of Rusalov’s tes t according to the indicators of the tremorogram)
Authors: Akimova, L.
Акімова, Л.Н.
Citation: Lobasyuk B. A. Reflection of individual typological properties in the tremorogram (Predicting the indicators of Rusalov’s tes t according to the indicators of the tremorogram) / B. A. Lobasyuk, L. N. Akimova, A. N. Stoyanov, A. V. Zamkovaya // Journal of Education, Health and Sport. – 2021. – 11(05). – P. 213-222.
Issue Date: 2021
Keywords: individual typological properties
test of V.M. Rusalov
individual psychological portrait
essential tremor
Abstract: Rationale for choosing. An increase in physiological tremor (Tr) in emotionally saturated situations is reflected not only in fiction, but also in scientific literature. In other words, tremors and emotional responses are interconnected. Purpose. To investigate the reflection of individual-typological properties in a tremorogram using V. M. Rusalov’s mathematical modeling. Material and methods. Tr was recorded using a linear transducer. Tr was recorded under postural load (arms extended forward). The sensor was alternately placed on the outstretched right and left arms in front of oneself, under conditions of “eyes open” (operative rest). The analysis of the tremorogram (TrG) files was carried out after the end of the study using the "Analist - 2" software according to the half - period analysis algorithm. To study the individual psychological characteristics of the personality, we used the method of determining the properties of the temperament by V.M. Rusalov. Each of the many indicators of Rusalov’s test selected in the analysis was considered as a target feature (Y-s), and the amplitudes and frequencies of TrG were considered as influencing variables (sets of X - s) and multiple linear regression equations of the form were built: The parameters of the amplitude and frequency of EEG rhythms were used as Xs. Own research. In multiple regression analysis of the influence of TrG indices of the right hand on the indices of Rusalov’s test, 12 statistically significant regression coefficients were determined, and 11 statistically significant regression coefficients for the left hand. After obtaining the diagnostic equations of multiple linear regression, describing the influence of TrG indicators on the indicators of Rusalov’s test, an attempt was made, using these equations, to obtain the indicators of Rusalov’s test, using the tremor indicators. On average, the% discrepancy between the determined and predicted indicators was 97.42% for the right hand, and 101.98 for the left.
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