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2010Factors influencing the yield stress of siliconKulinich, O.; Кулініч, О.А.; Кулинич, О.А.
2019Features of development of the mortgage market in UkraineKretov, D.; Кретов, Д.Ю.
2015Features of strategy formation of bank’s customer relationship managementYatsenko, A.; Яценко, О.В.; Яценко, А.В.
2012Features of the post-clearance audit in UkraineSagareva, D.
2014Fictitious aggregate demand as economic form of expansion of borders of reproduction of the industrial capitalLastovenko, N.; Ластовенко, М.Г.; Ластовенко, Н.Г.
2014Financial risks in a system of risks of enterpriseTarasova, K.; Тарасова, К.І.; Тарасова, К.И.
2017Follow-up of universities, participating in the tuning projectKuklinova, T.; Куклінова, Т.В.; Куклинова, Т.В.
2013Foreign trade effects of the economic integration between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan: 2010–2013Gafarowski, D.
2012Formalization of Variation Process of Information Networks' Users' QuantityGayvoronska, G.; Domaskin, O.; Домаскин, О.; Домаскін, О.
2014Formational characteristics of the new marketing approach in banking areaZavadska, D.; Завадська, Д.В.; Завадская, Д.В.
2014Formational characteristics of the new marketing approach in banking areaZavadska, D.
2017Forming competitive advantage in food and agricultural industry by implementing safety and quality management systemsAlexandrova, K.; Александрова, К.І.; Александрова, Е.И.
2019Forms of consumer protection in the market of European financial servicesKozak, Y.; Козак, Ю.Г.
2016Global cyber risks and alternative variants of futureTarasova, K.; Тарасова, К.І.; Тарасова, К.И.
2014Green economy as sustainable tourism development basisNezdoyminov, S.; Petrychenko, P.; Нездоймінов, С.Г.; Петриченко, П.А.; Нездойминов, С.Г.; Петриченко, П.А.
2010Historical and geographical development of Ukraine in the geopolitical junction area: social and cultural contextIaromenko, S.; Ярьоменко, С.Г.; Яременко, С.Г.
2011How do the interorganizational information systems make their impact on the enterprise competitiveness?Medzhybovska, N.; Меджибовська, Н.С.; Меджибовская, Н.С.
2016HR-бренд: сутність та стан в УкраїніСорока, О.В.; Красовська, К.В.; Сорока, А.В.; Красовская, Е.В.; Soroka, A.; Krasouskaya, E.
2014HR-брендінг в системі управління персоналом сучасної організаціїТатаревська, М.С.; Сорока, О.В.; Лосікова, О.О.; Татаревская, М.С.; Сорока, А.В.; Лосикова, Е.А.; Tatarevska, M.; Soroka, A.; Losikova, O.
2013Identification of organizational culture factors influencing innovation. Results of empirical research in manufacturing enterprisesStrychalska-Rudzewicz, A.