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2014Tax aspects of mergers in process of realization cross-border mergers in EuropeŽárová, M.; Skálová, J.
2018Tax policy in the conditions of ecological and economic development of UkraineMartyniuk, I.; Мартинюк, І.В.
2018Tax reforms: european experience and ukrainian realitiesBohatyrova, Y.; Богатирьова, Є.М.
2015Technologies for vocational trainings of tourism sphere`s workersKerekesha, O.; Керекеша, О.В.; Керекеша, О.В.
2015Territorial marketing as a tool for building cooperation of local authorities with investorsMichalak, J.; Warzocha, Z.; Fadrowska, K.
2013The analysis of factors of the return on equityChernetska, J.; Чернецька, Ю.А.; Чернецкая, Ю.А.
2016The analysis of the state and development prospects of the middle class in UkraineSalo, I.; Сало, Я.В.; Сало, Я.В.
2018The basic principles of the state policy in the field of consumer protection in the market of organic productsZakharchuk, V.; Nerutsa, L.; Захарчук, В.Г.; Неруца, Л.В.; Захарчук, В.Г.; Неруца, Л.В.
2013The basis of the enterprise logistic personnel environment complex estimationTimokhina, O.
2013The competitiveness of Ukraine and PolandKuberska, D.; Figiel, S.
2017The concept of entrepreneurship in the smart economyZarytska, I.; Strelnyk, S.; Зарицька, І.А.; Стрельник, С.О.; Зарицкая, И.А.; Стрельник, С.А.
2014The concept of the formation of cross-border service iron and steel cluster with a specialization on the Bulgarian and Romanian shipyardsIermakova, O.; Єрмакова, О.А.; Ермакова, О.А.
2017The cross-border meso-level of cluster forms development of industrial integrationKovalenko, S.
2019The current situation of the auto credit market in UkraineKretov, D.; Кретов, Д.Ю.
2018The current state and prospects of Ukrainian enterprises export activity development on the European market of cable productsUkhanova, I.; Уханова, І.О
2017The cyclicality of the credit movement in the traditional and Islamic model of the banking systemKretov, D.; Кретов, Д.Ю.; Кретов, Д.Ю.
2011The detection of main factors that influence on the development of rural tourismKlok, N.
2014The development of capital markets of new eu countries after the ifrs adoptionProcházka, D.; Jiří Pelák
2016The development of marketing communications under the influence of the Industry 4.0Shkurupska, I.; Litovchenko, I.; Шкурупська, І.О.; Литовченко, І.Л.; Шкурупская, И.А.; Литовченко, И.Л.
2013The economic characteristic of products and services in the sphere of communications and informatizationOrlov, V.; Orlova, O.; Kuznetsova, O.