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2014Scientific aspects of human resources management of the enterprises of sanatoriumresort complex taking into account anti-crisis measuresNiecheva, N.
2014Scientific bulletin №4 (212)-
2013Sensory marketing and customers’ decisions on the food marketGrzybowska-Brzezińska, M.; Rudzewicz, A.; Kowalkowski, A.
2012Some features of information technology development of expert systems used in UkraineDomaskina, O.; Domaskin, O.; Домаскин, О.; Домаскін, О.
2015Special aspects of banks investment activity in UkraineVladymyrska, N.; Владимирська, Н.І.; Владимирская, Н.И.
2015Stages of intangible assets reproductionLitvinov, A.; Літвінов, О.С.; Литвинов, А.С.
2018Standardization of tax audit in the conditions of changing the control paradigmArtyuh, O.; Murenko, T.; Артюх, О.В.; Муренко, Т.О.
2013State and prospects for development of modern shopping mallsStojanov, M.
2012State and prospects of development of marine economy of Ukraine in the context of globalizationVoronova, E.; Воронова, О.В.; Воронова, Е.В.
2018Statistical analysis of global unemploymentTarasova, K.; Тарасова, К.І.; Тарасова, К.И.
2013Statistical analysis of the creation of accumulative resources of non-financial corporationsMylashko, O.; Милашко, О.Г.; Мылашко, О.Г.
2008Statistical analysis of winter clothes market in UkraineOlvinskaya, Y.; Samotoenkova, E.; Ольвінська, Ю.О.; Самотоєнкова, О.В.; Ольвинская, Ю.О.; Самотоенкова, Е.В.
2012Statistical estimation of the investment projects on the regional levelKarpenko, L.; Карпенко, Л.М.; Карпенко, Л.Н.
2017Statistical research of global cyber-risks: the cost of cyber-crimeSemenova, K.; Tarasova, K.; Семенова, К.Д.; Тарасова, К.І.; Семенова, Е.Д.; Тарасова, К.И.
2015Stock market of ukraine at the present stage: analysis and prospects of developmentMatsuk, Z.
2013Strategic priorities of regional innovation potential developmentDovgal, Y.
2014Structure and classification of intangible assets in industrial enterprisesAnokhina, K.
2014Sufficiency conditions for asymptotic stability of solutions of a linear homogeneous nonautonomous differential equation of second orderBarinova, T.; Барінова, Т.Ю.; Баринова, Т.Ю.
2015Summary of economic integration as a category of modern economicsAbudavud Basem
2009SWOT-аналіз систем електронного постачання в промисловостіМеджибовська, Н.С.; Меджибовская, Н.С.; Medzhybovska, N.